Ričet in a cup

People were already preparing the dish ričet in ancient Rome, and the historian Johann Weikhard von Valvasor (1641–1693) mentions it in his work. The word ričet, which represents traditional dish in Ljubljana and central Slovenia, derives from Styrian German (ritschet, also ritschert). It is a stew made from pot barley, bacon or dried meat, peas and lentils. Back in the day, the stew ričet was cooked in cast iron pots in wood-fired ovens. Housewives from the town of Kranj and its surroundings often served the dish cold the day after cooking it. They added some vinegar or oil to it right before serving. The dish ričet was so popular in the past that there existed a group, called the “ričetarji”, which consisted of hiking enthusiasts who associated in mountain cottages, for example at the peaks of Katarina and Šmarna gora close to Ljubljana. Simply warm it up and enjoy.

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