Quality Certificates

Our products are made in Kamnik. The Kamnik production site features ongoing production processes of concentration (jams, ketchup, ajvar, spreads), sterilization (pickled vegetables, ready meals), pasteurization (pickled vegetables, jams, ajvar, spreads) and grinding (mustard), and the production of frozen products.

The quality and integrity of products is guaranteed by strict compliance with the HACCP system and the requirements of the IFS (International Food Standard). The IFS Standard incorporates HACCP requirements and the requirements relating to good commercial and hygiene practice (communication with customers; procurement; regulation of production facilities, technological equipment and infrastructure; traceability etc.).

Compliance with the HACCP and IFS requirements enables detection of possible errors already in the production process and prevents as much as possible the supply of faulty products to the shelves. We are aware that the quality of products is essential for our customers, so we try to ensure quality at every level – from the production line to sales, procurement and inspection departments
and other services – every employee adds their contribution to the greater value of our products.

Pasteurised and sterilised organic foods are produced under SI-EKO certification, approved by KON-CERT (Institute for inspection and certification in agriculture and forestry Maribor).



The recipes for our products have long been recognised, some have been followed by our loyal customers already for several generations. The ingredients that we use are not genetically modified, and we try to avoid the use of colours, preservatives and other food additives as much as possible.

With our products you enjoy carefully selected ,affordable, high-quality food without artificial colours, preservatives and other additives which might pose health risks. At Eta we are dedicated to natural – as the name Natureta itself suggests.