Partners in Other Markets

Markets outside Slovenia

 In Slovenia, there is hard to find someone who is not familiar with the trade mark “Natureta” or who has not tried at least one of our products. The company Eta is not successful only on domestic market. Our products are appreciated also outside our borders – on EU markets and on markets of South-Eastern Europe, even in Russia.

We like to pride on the fact that we are present on foreign markets exclusively under our own trade mark, i.e. Natureta. We are proud of our long-standing and well-established partnerships since our aim is to build long-term relationships that guarantee successful operation on foreign markets.

A well as at home and abroad, our aim is to offer consumers quality, practical and tasty products made of natural ingredients.

For example, in Sweden you can find our dried tomato, prepared dishes, and pickled fruit and vegetable. In Canada, you will also find Natureta Ajvar. Most of our products are present in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro, while in Russia we are known mostly by our high-quality delicatessen products.  Our products are very popular also in North-East Italy, where it is difficult to find a store without a wide range of our products.

In addition to the above mentioned countries, our products can also be find in some stores in Serbia, Austria, Malta, the Netherlands, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With regard to participation in foreign markets you can call us on +386 1 830 84 36 or email us to