Our factory was established in 1923. The first owners of our company were Franc Kham from Ljubljana and Stanko and Ignac Žargi from Kamnik. Stanko named the factory after his daughter. They established the company with their own capital in the agricultural building of the Agricultural marketing Cooperative at the address Šutna 22. Nowadays, this is a residential building. On the ground floor, there used to be the Metalka store and a pastry shop, very popular among students.

We have been producing all the legendary products we are famous for (especially mustard) in a small family factory from the beginning. After all, our first name was Eta – Mustard Factory.

Besides mustard, we have been producing also different marmalades and pickled vegetables – first and foremost we are associated with pickled gherkins. Our mustard was highly appreciated from the beginning, we even exported it. In 1924, Kham and Žargi built a factory for producing tomato cans Scedep and this soon merged with Eta. In 1937, the company was renamed to Eta, d. z o. z.

Of course, our company was very small back then.  We only had 5 to 7 employees and according to data from 1936 we produced only 12,000 kg of mustard per year. Let’s take a look at 1965 for a comparison, when we already had approximately 300 employees and produced 440 tons of mustard.


After nationalisation in the new socialist country in 1948, all food processing companies in Kamnik were merged into one Živilska industrija Kamnik. In addition our company it included Tovarna testenin Triglav from Šmarca and Kvasarna from Mengeš.

Our employees from back then used to tell their memories of early years after WWII, when shortage of food was quite common. They often ate our products spread on bread – our marmalade or mustard, often both together.

Eventually the old premises became technically and sanitarilly unsatisfactory. There was not enough storage room and also the safety of employees became compromised. At the end of 1963 we moved to our new premises on Kajuhova ulica where we still reside today. From the 60s to the 80s of the last century our company was based also on seasonal work. In the golden age of Kamnik’s industry many young men and women from Kamnik and nearby gained their first working experiences here.

In 1983 we joined SOZD Mercator and became a public limited company under majority ownership of the company Mercator, d. d., Ljubljana.


At the beginning of the new millennium, we renovated and expanded the main part of production. We also managed to reduc

e energy consumption and renovate technological equipment. Furthermore the company SLOSAD, d. o. o. from Maribor joined our company.

In 2011, the Bohova factory was closed down. Since then our entire production is based entirely in Kamnik. On our new independent path we proudly continue the tradition of producing quality food.

Source: Eta Kamnik and Marko Kumer:”Kam so šle vse fabrike?”, Kamnik, 2014