Company profile

Company name: ETA KAMNIK, d. o. o.
Company address: Kajuhova pot 4, 1241 Kamnik
Managing director: Marko Konič
Main business activity: 10.390 Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
Number of employees
(31. 05.2020):
Founding capital
(31. 12. 2014):
6.981.971 EUR
Company registration number:    5049237
Tax number: 81544553
Transaction accounts: SI56 0231 2001 0125 451 ‒ NLB, d. d.
SI56 0700 0000 0894 139 ‒ GB, d. d., Kranj
SI56 2900 0005 0286 597 ‒ UNICREDIT BANKA SLOVENIJA, d. d.


Dear lovers of tasty food and home-made cooking, customers, partners, suppliers in Slovenia and over 20 other markets, at Eta Kamnik we are aware of the responsibilities we have as a Slovenian company, producer of high quality food and carrier of culinary tradition since 1923.

We know that our relationship with food is also an expression of our self-esteem. We know that each purchase of our Natureta product means that you trust in us. And we know what we have to do to justify this trust: quality ingredients, delicious flavours, practical dishes that help save time in kitchen, production based on the principle “like home-made”, but still according to the highest nutrition standards, traceability and certificates.

Our business objectives are based on the following: sustainable growth in accordance with market for raw materials, purchased as close to our production as possible, high quality under trade mark “Natureta”, focus on export markets, development of new modern products and creative search for new opportunities for Natureta.